Envirobright Lighting Solutions

About Us

Envirobright is 100% Australian owned company based in South Australia.

Envirobright is a division of Jon Wale Enterprises Pty Ltd established in 1984 with over 20 years experience in the electrical and electronic industry.
Envirobright was formed in 2001 focussing on supplying industry, commercial and trade with energy efficient lighting systems.
Envirobright Technologies Pty Ltd is an associate company formed in 2004. Core activities focus on research and development of alternate lighting systems. Envirobright Technologies has taken an active role in exploring solutions for a more sustainable future and is working in partnership with industry, universities and government.


Market demands are shifting focus from main stream commercial lighting products to more energy efficient solutions.
Envirobright is a leading company in design , manufacture and distribution of cost effective products to met growing market demands in energy saving.
Our product range is continually expanding and utilizes top quality materials and the latest in emerging technologies.
As well as main stream lighting products,
Envirobright can offer L.E.D Solutions, C.F.L. Floodlights and HighBays, also Retrofit kits for T5, LED and CFL conversions.

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